Thursday, January 18, 2007

We Are Watched

I'd never really thought there was much of value in the neighborhood, at least worthy of surveillance, until I spotted the camera. Perhaps it spotted me, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i know, i know. this is SO important.i have to be anonymous or they can track me i just know it. that you are looking for cameras they are everywhere. everyone is looking at us. EVERYONE. sometimes days I stay close to the walls. so in hopes that I can't be seen but I think their are too many of them. i was so relieved that someone ELSE knows they are out there. wear large brimmed hats, so that when they look straight down, they can't see my face. i heard that If you put aluminum foil inside your hats that it will help too? have you heard about that? we need to stay close together stay in touch and find a way to win over them. i keep calling my congressman and senators over and over and over but they hang up on me. they them is part of all this, I just know it. i look for more photos of these thiings on your site. my friend (she) told me. about your site, that is. i will tell more friends. i like blogs because you can't believe the stuff in newspapers and the people who do blogs have the real truth and aren't afraid to tell it. the aluminum is for radio waves I forgot to say. i don't listen to the radios. your pictures SHOW it! good!


9:30 AM  

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