Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Arrive early or late enough, and all doors will be closed. Blissville's hours are 9 to 5. President Clinton would have called it an ideal Enterprise Zone, for here small businesses abound.

It's an economy of flux. Some businesses fail, and others thrive. But one, Wonton Food, supercedes all others. For there, they make more fortune cookies than anywhere else in the world, all in an anonymous white building at the end of the block that stands catty-corner to the cemetery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We used to sleigh ride down this hill. It is 37th st looking east toward Bradley ave.

The far corner factory was built in about 1950 when I was ten and we used to get fortune cookie rejects from the folks there.

Before the factory there stood a magnificient Victorian mansion owned by the osborne

Next in line toward the viewer was a blacksmith shop called Frank E. Frick and sons.

I remember watching them make railroad spikes. The huge smith
swinging his hammer-sparks flying.

2 lots toward the viewer from Fricks was a one level yellow
clapboard house with a nice yard owned my the Michus (michis) family. The next lot was empty and was our ball field. At the time of founding of Calvary Cemetery in 1847-48 there was
a cemetery monument factory on this lot.

As a kid i recall climbing on some of the remnant mistake columns they left behind.

The rest of the street was empty lots,and I recall one hot summer day in about 1948 seeing a beautiful butterfly dart across the medium high brownish grass that grew on the empty lots, while I sipped my nickel pepsi (full 12 oz.!)

Hope these memories help add to the story of Blissville.

Ben L st petersburg fla. 2-18-2008

8:28 PM  

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