Thursday, September 06, 2007


Found, near the railroad tracks, down by the creek.

Every so often I follow the rail road to to its end, the terminus of Blissville, at the Dutch Kills Creek and Hugo Neu's scrap plant. Greenpoint is dotted with scrap metal centers, but Blissville, with its access to the Newtown Creek, also has a few. No wonder. Scrap metal has become the city's most lucrative export.

Follow the tracks toward the city and they stop at the East River and an LIRR station. Head out to the end in the other direction, and you'll find yourself in Montauk.

This land was once settled not by the Dutch as its name might imply, but original Plymouth Rock colonists. Today developers have their eyes on it. The way they see it, housing is compatible with industry side by side. Never mind the pollution. Its views over the creek look clear out to the city. But where will the industry go? And where will the rats hide?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Cooney!

I lived in Blissville from infancy 1940 to 1954 when we sold our apartment house at 32-05 Greenpoint ave and moved to Richmond Hill.

I played stickball as you noted and
also baseball in the empty lot across
from 32-09 (My uncle's barbershop)

I left NY in 1973 and live in St petersburg Fla. This is as far from the atmosphere of Blissville, that one can get.

I loved growing up in Blissville, as we knew everyone in town and in actuality it was not very different from Huck Finn's childhood.

To provide my kids with the flavor of what life in Blissville was like I have written a number of Blissville 'tidbits.' They really enjoyed them and I would be happy to email you some if you would like
to include in your site.

If you have not yet visited Forgotten New York site, please do . They have done good job of showing Blissville in I think about 2004.

In the 1940's and 50's there were several thousand people living in Blissville as defined by the hiway, the cemetery and
Newtown Creek. It was vibrant and we even had a man named Louie who drove a horse drawn vegetable wagon, his horse was named 'geronomo.'

My email is

It is nice to be aquainted by mail with someone who actually lives in Blissville as
not many hits on net when I search, from time to time.

We also played stickball on 35th st behind the old PS80 bldg which
as you know is the City View Inn.

please email me just to chat and/ or if you want to receive the tidbit stories.

6:21 PM  

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