Monday, October 08, 2007


Why should Blissville be immune to the changes elsewhere in the city and beyond? Where once it supported a tannery, several lumberyards, a shipyard and a bevy of cemetery workers, today its buildings and lots have been converted into storage spaces.

Some buildings have been turned into storage rooms. Just $50 a month, they advertise across their fronts. Other lots hold scaffolding equipment. Still others, cars. Further afield but still in the neighborhood, scrap yards. As one empties out, another takes its place.

But for how long? In a year – or two, or three – new buildings will go up in their places. Maybe they promise new apartments or lofts. Maybe more hotels. But either way, they'll crowd the skyline and our streets, too.


Anonymous andrea said...

I am soooo HAPPY to see your photographs!
Your landscapes of blissville. they are beautifully intimate moments of place, space and light, and they have in them your humor and sense of adventure. The are gems just like the stories your share with them. I love imagining you walking your neighborhood in search of these inspired moments of seeing, feeling and discovering something new. your intrepid curiousity and love for blissville is a gift to us all.
much love and admiration, andrea

8:26 AM  
Anonymous bobby c said...

In the 50's and 60's Bloch & Guggenheimer the pickle maker had a factory here. The smell would knock you on your ass when the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. The workers would stream to Pond's, the grocery store on the corner of Starr & Greenpoint Avenue to purchase lunch. You would drive down Review Avenue and see the workers sitting outside enjoying their lunch. Masks would hang down from their work aprons, protection against the wonderful scent of their endeavors. Blissville had many factories and work was there for those willing to work. I'm waiting for November 10....a chance to travel back in time and remember Blissville with those of us who lived it.

9:49 PM  

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